Fearless Youth Association (FYA) in partnership with FMB Radio explore mental health discussions for mental health awareness week 2020. ‪Musician and Sociology Undergraduate JayaHadADream, and Musician Majay share their experiences with mental health, what we need to be aware of, and how creativity can be used to tackle negative feelings! 

FYA are a Nottingham based organisation that aims to provide mentoring for young people in the community and create safe spaces. We are in partnership with Mojatu, FMB, Gain and many more. We want to empower youth and ethnic minority groups, raising awareness of issues and starting discussions.We are also offering free mental health support, free food services for those in need, and free online courses during COVID-19. To find out more please visithttps://www.fyaonline.com/

And checkout our social medias too!: https://linktr.ee/fya_notts

More about JayaHadADream: hhttps://linktr.ee/jayahadadreammusic

More about Majay: https://linktr.ee/MajayBayBay 

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